Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Message from Rusty Rueff - Tech4Obama

Rusty Rueff has been helping the Obama campaign working with Jim Green (@JimGreenT4O) on the Technology for Obama group.  Yesterday he shared the message below with some of us, and with his permission, I repost it here -- I think it speaks volumes to what the election is about, and has some ideas of things people can do. 
  -Jim Hendler
   Computer Scientists for Obama

Many of you know that on August 16, 2011 I was asked to step into the lay leadership role for a new Obama for America campaign group called Technology for Obama (T4O).  Little did I know that 15 months later I would be here with only a few days left knowing that on November 6th I would end that day with tears in my eyes, regardless of who wins.  This effort, working alongside Jim Green as the National Staff Director for T4O has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

I don’t need to tell you that the choice in this election is as stark and as clear as any choice we have ever had in our lifetime. The approaches are just different and when I look as holistically as I personally can (beyond one issue at a time), I truly believe that Governor Romney’s approach is a U-Turn for America and I am doing my best to not let that happen. To give you some sense of what that means please read on:

I have given as many hours as I have been physically able and yes I am tired but still invigorated. I  came to the conclusion with Patti that we had to go big with personal financial support both to the campaign and to cover expenses flying and traveling all across the country for T4O events (yes, I did get the miles J). I had to take a hiatus about political conversations with some friends who just can’t understand my position but still respect and love me.  I have withstood real ridicule from those who think they are friends but aren’t really because you just don’t talk to friends like that.  I have let down quite a bit of people who were counting on me for other efforts like their companies, their boards and their very important causes that I support but I just didn’t have enough time for everything to be #1 on the list (thank you and you know who you are and I really appreciate your patience and understanding. I’ll be back).  And, I have pulled Patti through this whole wringer and she has had to hear too many hours of me walking around the house acting as if I was the one debating or behind the lectern on the campaign stump (she likes to remind me that it isn’t me who is running for office).

From the beginning this election was going to be close, but as I sit here writing this, it’s too close for my comfort and it’s been quite a while since I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night in worry that this election could slip from us.

And so we come to the end and I now need to ask for your help (and for some a little bit more) and please know that I ask this humbly and in all earnestness.

First, one last contribution to the campaign still matters.  Daily the campaign is looking at their finances to see what we can still do send staff and organizers into battleground states to go door-to-door.  Organizers don’t magically just show up.  So, even the smallest contribution now goes 100% into the on the ground efforts.  Anything you can do now will make a difference.  At the end of the day on October 31st the campaign will look to see how we did this month and make decisions on how much they can do in the last 5 days.  So, we need to make a push here by 10/31. You can contribute here:

Secondly, we all know someone who lives in one of the Battleground States.  Stop what you are doing today and take a minute to write an email, send them a Facebook message, tweet them, or pick up the phone and be sure that they are going to vote and encourage them to vote early!  If they are on the fence on who to vote for, then tell them why you support the President!

So that’s it, last request. Thank you for listening and reading.

Thank you for the support you have shown this campaign and me.  It is truly appreciated.

Now, let’s go win with this and keep America moving FORWARD!


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